Insurance & Banking Staff Association

Case 1


Member: Financial Adviser
Nature: Fraud
Outcome: Disciplinary Enquiry

 Not Guilty.

The adviser had been accused of forging a client’s signature on a policy application. The employer produced evidence from various clients, GFS and a handwriting expert. During the disciplinary enquiry the Union Representative made representations that disqualified the evidence relied upon by the employer. The employee was found not guilty and immediately resumed employment.

Case 2

Contract not renewed

Member: IT
Nature: Fixed term contract not renewed
Outcome: Disciplinary Enquiry

Member offered permanent role

The member was employed on a permanent basis. After a business case the member was moved onto a fixed term contract. After numerous contractual renewals spanning a period of several years the employer decided not to renew the fixed term contract. We lodged a grievance on behalf of our member and referred the matter to the CCMA. Thereafter, our member was offered a permanent job. Now our member is a permanent employee with all benefits included.

Case 3


Member: Financial Adviser
Nature: Poor Performance
Outcome: Disciplinary Enquiry

Not guilty

Our member was underperforming in the branch and the employer sought to initiate a poor performance enquiry. The Union argued that the poor performance in terms of the employer’s disciplinary guidelines as well as the processes set by the employer was not followed correctly. It was also identified through the process that the manager was not providing the necessary support. Due to the procedural irregularities the Union requested the case be dismissed successfully. The employee returned to work immediately.

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